Glass Beads

Glass beads meet all OSHA and ISO 11126-10:200 requirements and do not contain free-silica.

RockRidge Glass Bead media breaks down at a slow rate and can survive multiple impacts. This allows for continuous recycling and extended blasting time. Glass beads are chemically inert and will not leave any residue on the surface of the


Blasting with glass beads allows the user to clean work-pieces quickly without any significant metal removal. Due to the shape of the glass beads, they clean, finish, peen, and deburr. That four-step process provides a controlled, unique, and clean surface finish.

Glass beads can be used in many peening applications. It is also an excellent choice for cosmetic surface finishing. 

Glass Bead Characteristics

Qualities of Glass Beads:

  • Round abrasive media that is reusable and will produce a satin finish

  • For cleaning, peening, and cosmetic finishing where stock removal must be minimized

  • A wide range of sizes allows smooth to more textured finishes and are excellent for ferrous and non ferrous surfaces

  • Glass beads are also excellent for light to medium peening of metal parts to reduce fatigue

  • Glass beads are widely used on aluminum and stainless steel

RockRidge Glass Beads are available in the range of
mil-spec sizes:

#3 - #13

Technical Data Sheet

Glass Bead Characteristics