Resin-Fiber Discs

Ceramic Supreme Disc

RockRidge resin fiber discs are designed for applications ranging from heavy stock removal to surface blending. The combination of the vulcanized fiber backing and resin binders provide an aggressive cut and longer product lifespan. 

Fiber discs are faster cutting and more forgiving than bonded wheels or flap discs. They are ideal for heavy stock removal applications, like weld bead blending or edge beveling. Because of the fiber disc's flexibility, higher grits can be used for surface cleaning and finishing. 

RockRidge resin fiber discs are available in 4-1/2" 5" and 7" with 7/8" arbor sizes. A quick change 5/8-11 hub is also available for all of the sizes.

RockRidge resin fiber disc options consist of these abrasive types:
Aluminum Oxide Fiber Disc


Aluminum oxide provides good performance and life on most ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, at a lower initial cost. Available in grit sizes 24 - 120. 

Zirconia Fiber Disc
Ceramic Fiber Discs


Zirconia alumina is a more durable grain for tougher applications, with a faster cut and longer life. It is a good choice for stainless, steel, and cast iron applications. Available in grit sizes 24 - 60.


Ceramic alumina is a sharp, micro-fracturing grain, yielding the fastest cut rates and the longest life. It is ideal for hard steels and high alloys, like titanium and inconel. Available in grit sizes 24 - 80.

Ceramic Supreme Fiber Disc


Ceramic alumina supreme includes a grinding aid to help reduce heat, loading, and glazing on stainless steel and high alloys. This disc is the best choice for stainless steel applications. Available in grit sizes 24 - 80.

AO Resin Fiber Disc