Vibratory Abrasives

     Plastic finishing media has density that is generally 60% that of ceramic deburring media The net cost of this media type is usually the same or less than its ceramic counterpart. The lower density offers excellent surface refinement on ferrous metals or plastics where material removal is needed, yet, impingement cannot be tolerated.

     Plastic media is often used on applications such as die castings and machined products due to its ability to resist chipping and fracturing. Chipping and fracturing is a common problem of ceramic media due to its bonding characteristics, which can cause lodging nightmares in those grooved and odd shaped parts.

     Plastic finishing media is ideal on more delicate metal alloys for deburring or pre-plate finished, while preventing impingement that heavier media may cause.


     Plastic vibratory media is also used to blend machine lines on aluminum and other soft alloys. The jewelry industry will use plastic vibratory media for fine finishing of precious metals before buffing.

     RockRidge plastic media is available in many sizes and compositions to best fit your process and application. Please contact us today, and we can help you figure out the best solution for your project needs.